Vulnerability Assessment tests are a series of tests performed on a system to identify the vulnerability of the system. This is a Security Assessment conducted to understand the vulnerabilities and by this process, the vulnerabilities are identified and exposed to the security experts who in turn are able to quantify and prioritize such vulnerabilities.

Vulnerability Assessment is a simpler exercise than a Penetration Test. It does not actually simulate an attack or attempt to exploit weaknesses found. It notes all vulnerabilities and security issues detected and the results are delivered in a final report.

In response to this security trend, IZA Technologies offer a complete suite of vulnerability assessment services that enables companies to identify critical security threats that may expose their data to an unauthorized third party. Many companies are poorly equipped to take on the task of identifying their infrastructure pain-points and therefore, find themselves at a high risk for cyber-attacks and data breach.

There is no definitive list of all possible sources of these system vulnerabilities, anything can be system vulnerabilities!

  • Zero Day Exploits
  • Inadequate Security management
  • Incorrect implementation
  • Phishing
  • Social engineering
  • Human factors

After the vulnerabilities are identified on the target system, it is then possible to launch the right exploits. The goal of launching exploits is to gain full access to the target system.

  • Reporting - After the completion of the Vulnerability Scan, a comprehensive technical report is generated/created for management overview. This includes the executive summary, detailed recommendations to solve the identified vulnerabilities, and official security ID numbers for the vulnerabilities.