Infrastructure Services

To keep up with the market and retain their competitive edge, organizations have to overhaul legacy infrastructure to modernize enterprise functioning and ultimately improve profitability. IZA Technologies portfolio can help organizations streamline and modernize processes across complex IT landscapes.

From cloud enablement of legacy platforms to desktop application migration, application virtualization, scalable Infrastructure Services, IZA Technologies can help organizations address challenges in designing, provisioning, and maintaining IT infrastructure. IZA Technologies helps deliver greater business impact from IT through services like Transformation Services, Managed Services, Consulting and Professional Services, Cloud Solutions and Next-Gen Platform-Centric Solutions.

IZA Technologies Portfolio:

  • IT service desk.
  • End user support.
  • Enterprise systems & network management.
  • Data center consolidation and hosting.
  • Database services.
  • Cloud hosting "AWS, Azure, Google".
  • Project management and governance.
  • Virtualization Solutions (VMware, Microsoft, Citrix).

Brownfield support services:

Brownfield Development happens when a business decides to develop/improve upon an existing application infrastructure. As an upgrade is implemented into an existing solution, the development is said to be Brownfield.

Examples of Brownfield Development

  • Adding a new feature to software that was developed last year.
  • Altering the functionality of the code to enhance the performance of an application.
  • Upgrading the code base to expand the working set of functionality across the board.

Greenfield design and implementation:

Greenfield Development happens when you start a brand new project, as in, clean slate development. No legacy code lying around, no old development to maintain. You’re starting afresh, from scratch, from a blank slate, with no restrictions on what you’re doing (other than business rules of course).

Examples of Greenfield Development:

  • Building a new E-commerce solution from the ground up.
  • Implementing a new rules engine for your company from the ground up.
  • Upgrading the code base to expand the working set of functionality across the board.
  • A new startup wants application X Built. Application X has never been built before, therefore Application X is a Greenfield endeavor.

Service support for existing hardware/OS:

Top-notch support for world-class business products. Our support team is dedicated to aiding customers with technical issues, deployment, and product optimization.